Exposing Hope 2017 | N'Kosi Campbell

Exposing Hope 2017  |  N'Kosi Campbell

N’Kosi Campbell’s journey with breast cancer affords him the opportunity to view things differently.  He shared that life can be hectic, busy, painful, happy, loving, lonely, stressful and troublesome.  He continues that no matter the feelings of the moment or day, it’s a day that he’s living.  N’Kosi is beyond grateful and embraces how blessed he is to have another day to live.  He says it best, “Life is a range of emotions and adventures and we need to embrace them all”. 

Exposing Hope 2017 | Martha Kaley

Exposing Hope 2017  |  Martha Kaley

Martha Kaley’s life plan changed direction with her breast cancer diagnosis.  Her journey led her to create a non-profit organization to generate funds for biological research to identify a better method to detect breast cancer.  She shared a story about Matilda, her guardian angel, who told her "You have been given a chance to be here, now what are you going to do with it?"  Martha believes that she was given a gift, clarity of purpose, through her experience with breast cancer.  She was given this gift and never looked back.

Exposing Hope 2017 | Margaret Bertrand

Exposing Hope 2017  |  Margaret Bertrand

Margaret Bertrand’s diagnosis impacted her practically, professionally, and spiritually.  It forced her to face decisions and financial planning sooner than she expected.  Being a solo business owner, single parent and cancer survivor, Margaret is able to contribute to others’ hope by sharing her experiences with diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship.  Margaret’s strong presence of a greater being became undoubtingly recognized and because of this her world became brighter. 

Exposing Hope 2017 | Lynn Smith

Exposing Hope 2017  |  Lynn Smith

Lynn Smith shared that being a survivor of breast cancer has positively and negatively impacted her life.  Unfortunately, Lynn, a surgeon, still experiences some chemotherapy side effects which have forced her to shift careers.  On the other hand, Lynn’s support system from her family, her children’s school, community, church family, neighbors, and patients undoubtedly guided her through her battle. 

Exposing Hope 2017 | Laura Brown

Exposing Hope 2017  |  Laura Brown

Laura Brown is well acquainted with the impact of cancer.  In her profession, she’s personally witnessed countless people who have experienced the life-changing impact of a cancer diagnosis.  As a breast cancer survivor, Laura proclaims that she’s more aware and compassionate for others and their journeys with cancer.

Exposing Hope 2017 | Kim Kirkman

Exposing Hope 2017  |  Kim Kirkman

Kim Kirkman’s diagnosis changed everything about her life. She no longer worries about the simplest things, like making sure the floor is swept every day. However, she does make sure she lives every day like it is her last by never missing the chance to say, “I love you” or not allowing fear to stop her from taking a chance. 

Exposing Hope 2017 | Kathryn Gesse

Exposing Hope 2017  |  Kathryn Gesse

Kathryn Gesse’s diagnosis has impacted her life significantly.  Kathryn always tries to find the positive when times are tough and appreciates the little things more often.  She mentioned that she has had the opportunity to be a resource to friends who have been diagnosed with cancer which is why she has never questioned the reason she was diagnosed. 

Exposing Hope 2017 | Julie Buie

Exposing Hope 2017  |  Julie Buie

With two young children, playdates and Play-Doh were part of everyday life for Julie Buie.  Her diagnosis of Stage 3 breast cancer came as quite a surprise, given there was no family history.  Fortunately, Julie had the amazing support of family, friends and the knowledge of a rich team of medical providers.  Julie shared that she trusted and relied on God and knew that He was with her every step of her journey.

Exposing Hope 2017 | Judy Hyman

Exposing Hope 2017  |  Judy Hyman

As a single mom of 3 young children and a middle school counselor, it’s clear that Judy Hyman spent her days supporting and caring for others.  Diagnosed at 41, it’s hard to imagine the emotions Judy must have endured, especially as a single mom and knowing two of her aunts passed from breast cancer in their 40’s.  She took life’s lemons and started making lemonade, just as she’d witnessed her parents do, and was back at school within three weeks of her diagnosis.  Judy had several rounds of chemotherapy over the course of eleven months on Friday afternoons so that she had the weekend to recover from nausea and weakness.

Exposing Hope 2017 | Judy Bell

Exposing Hope 2017  |  Judy Bell

Exposing Hope with Judy Bell reveals a philosophical lady with profound thoughts on her journey.  She shares, in her words, the elements which depict hope.  “Harmony exists with friendship, fellowship, cooperation, and understanding.  All of these contribute to being in harmony with myself and others.  It also involves getting along with friends and the ability to form new harmonious relationships.”

Exposing Hope 2017 | Jane Matteson

Exposing Hope 2017  |  Jane Matteson

Jane Matteson shared that her humor and hope very well might have been her “sword and buckler”.  She found herself surrounded by family, friends and a community that constantly provided love and support.  She recalls so many who embraced her journey from her family, friends, familiar faces at CVS and Harris Teeter.  Some of her strongest support came from a very special gentleman, Dr. Gus Magrinat.  Jane wholeheartedly expressed that “Dr. Gus was a talisman of hope for all my family and continues to be!”  Jane recognized that returning the sense of hope to others who cared for her as well, as those she met along the way, was important.