Grants is pleased to announce its 2015 Medical Research Grant Awards!

Dr. Paul Cairns - Fox Chase Cancer Center (Philadelphia, PA) “Ultra-Deep Sequencing for Detection of p53 and PIK3CA mutations in DCIS and Surveillance of High-Risk Women by Blood as a Liquid Biopsy for Early Diagnosis of Invasive Breast Cancer”  $40,000  

Dr. Frank Jones - Tulane University (New Orleans, LA) “Detection of Early Breast Cancer by Circulating HER4 Extracellular Domain ELISA”  $40,000

Dr. Lori Millner - University of Louisville (Louisville, KY) “Isolation and Characterization of Circulating Tumor Cells for Detection of Early Breast Cancer”  $40,000

Dr. Michael O'Connor - Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN) "Pilot Study to Evaluate Dedicated Breast Positron Emission Tomography as a new Imaging Technique for Early Detection of Breast Cancer”  $40,000

Dr. Hiromi Tanaka - Indiana University (Indianapolis, IN)  Quantitative PCR Analysis of Telomere Fragility in Plasma Circulating and Cell-Free DNA for Early Breast Cancer Detection”  $40,000

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