Sherlock Enlists Matilda

My name is Matilda. My dear friend, Sherlock (I call him “Sher”), contacted me to request my help for Martha. How can anyone or any angel turn down this awesome chocolate Lab?

I am Martha’s guardian angel. After Sher scratched her chest to alert her of a problem, he asked me if I would be willing to shepherd her through this journey. I had a break in my schedule and the job seemed rather straightforward, so I agreed, having no idea the extent of our journey and of this project.

I’ll be very clear. This is a wonderful and rewarding partnership. It is so cool that, after a short time, Martha realized who I am and how I am trying to help. She never fails to give Sherlock and me credit for all of the good things that happen along our way. Sher definitely did a great job training her to be a good listener.

I remember when I was first whispering in her heart. After Sher scratched her, she ran her hand down the bruise that Sher placed so well and she felt a mass at the base of the bruise. She tried not to panic, but I knew that she was really scared. She thought that she would wait for a month before checking it, but I kept whispering to her. “Don’t you play doctor,” I whispered, “Go see about this.”

Fortunately, I convinced her to move forward. I was with her always, throughout every day and every night. I think she knew that. And, I am with her now. Always. We worked together to gather her medical team and I must say, we did an excellent job. We chose excellent doctors who also were good listeners. (I’ll let that be another story.)

Sher and I are constant companions in her heart even now. We forever remain on duty.