Welcome to Sherlock's Fan Club

I must say I'm a bit embarrassed about this because I'm a very humble guy (handsome, but humble). But, Martha insisted that this Fan Club would serve a bigger purpose, so I agreed to put myself out there if I could help.  You see, this Club is not about me. It is about what we can do to change the picture of breast cancer. I am merely one of the conduits that we can use to take care of this project.

If you run around throughout the website, you will find a great deal of information about Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test®. The role that I play in this organization, according to Martha who founded it, is that if it weren’t for me, she wouldn’t be here. (This makes me blush, even though it’s true.) You can read about this in the Sherlock story.

The rationale for my Fan Club is that with your $10 donation (or more, if you would like), Friends will compile these funds to award a $40,000 start-up grant to a researcher looking for a biological test to detect breast cancer earlier. Realizing that most breast cancer is in the body 5-8 years before it can be detected using our existing technology, the reality is that we must find a way to identify the presence much earlier and a biological test is our path for this. You see, not everyone can have a Lab test but we can create a situation so that everyone can have a lab test. (Get it? Lab…Labrador, lab…laboratory? Sometimes, I crack myself up!)

Years ago, before the Internet, we didn’t have the opportunity to connect with each other as quickly and closely as we can now. So our family of friends has grown to literally encompass the world and we can and must take care of a few projects. Identifying a better method for detecting breast cancer earlier is a project that can be accomplished and will change the picture of breast cancer in detection, treatment and survival.  Breast cancer will be brought down from a terrorizing disease to a manageable disease. While we are looking for cures and causes we must intercept this disease earlier so we can give ourselves a bigger fighting chance.

Click here make a donation and join my Fan Club now!   You may also sign up to receive e-News from Sherlock by leaving your email address. Anyway, we won’t be sending you too much because we want the money to go to the researchers. But, I will send you a lick from my heart. 

Oh, yes, Martha and Friends will send you a great giant Thank You and a high 4! (Get it? Oh, I knock myself out!)

Thanks, Sherlock