The Doctors

Hi. It’s Matilda again. I told you that I would let you know the story about Martha’s doctors, so here it is. If I say so myself, this represents some of my finest work! 

We got Martha set up with a fabulous oncologist who “just happened to be” a friend and neighbor. (Don’t you just love all the “circumstances”? I really am so good!) He was able to give her great advice and guidance and continues to watch over her.

We then designated her surgeon. (Here is where I did amazing work!) He decided to remove the mass that Martha had felt — the one that Sherlock had pointed out to her. When the surgeon did the preliminary freeze, he was pleased to discover that the tissue was not malignant, but benign. “Whew!” he thought. 

He started closing up, but I was over his shoulder saying, “Look further. Don’t close yet. Go where you wouldn’t think to go. We’re not through. Don’t close yet, please!” And wouldn’t you know — we had chosen another good listener! Hooray for us!

The surgeon decided to go back in and “just look around.” Upon doing so, he found a malignancy, very deep, pressed against the chest wall. It was the same density as regular breast tissue so it could never have been seen with the imaging technology that exists today. It was also so deep that it would never have been felt until far too late.

All of the typical and normal methods of detection failed. Let that sink in for a moment.

What does that say to you? What it said to Martha was that ONLY by having wonderful doctors who were great listeners, were we able to save her life. She began to listen even closer then, as she began her determined journey. I’m sure it wasn’t exactly what she had in mind, but with Sher and me as coaches, her heart just wouldn’t stop listening.

We all had work to do. We kept telling her, “You’ve been given a chance to be here. Now, what are you going to do with it?”