Who is Shirley?

ShirleyShirley was created to demonstrate the magnitude of the impact that breast cancer imposes. She has been present at most Friends events over the past several years. Shirley is a symbol of womanhood and the unity that is shared through the disease of breast cancer. She has light from within as a reminder of the strong spirit that is ever present.

Shirley is quiet and steady as she stands and waits for those who choose to take the time to stop and understand what she represents. She sees many pieces of lives: young girls and boys who carefully select a section of ribbon to write their grandmother’s name; women and men that want to talk about their own mother and the meaning of the remembrance; and young women who begin by writing one name to acknowledge a friend who is dealing with breast cancer and then continue with far more names than they even imagined. Shirley sees them all, saddened by the throngs, and listens as they share their thoughts and their hearts with her.

She stands strong to represent the courage that each one of these people has personally demonstrated in their own fight. She stands with respect for those who have fought their own war and survived, and with reverence for those who have fought a war and did not survive. She stands strong in her role to call attention to the expansiveness of breast cancer. She stands strong to make a statement that we, collectively, must do a better job of changing the picture of breast cancer. She stands strong with Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test® because the mission of the organization, finding a biological method to detect breast cancer far earlier, could be the single most short-range, achievable opportunity to significantly change the picture of breast cancer.

Shirley stands strong for all women and for anyone who would choose to take a moment to reflect and to join in the effort to change breast cancer.

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