At, we are always asked why we wear our ribbon “upside down.” With Friends For an Earlier Breast Cancer Test®, there is always a personal connection.

In the early formative years of the organization, a local advertising agency decided to generously help the organization with logo design and collateral information. It was our good fortune to work with a wonderful and talented young woman, Mandy LeBeau, who was an Account Manager with the company. After she grasped and understood the mission of the organization and the realization of the opportunity that was ours, Mandy suggested that we turn the ribbon upside down to show that Friends is looking at breast cancer from a different perspective.

Then she began to tell us her story. Mandy was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer at 26 years of age. She was young in her career, her experiences, her hopes and her life. Mandy epitomizes for whom we are working. There was never a question, then or now, that the upside down ribbon was the right choice and it will be a symbol of our organization forever.

Mandy succumbed to inflammatory breast cancer at 31 years of age. She never had a chance to realize her dreams or truly experience life. This is unacceptable. We, collectively, cannot turn our heads.

Mandy will always be remembered in the work of our organization because of the “upside down” pink ribbon.